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March 21 to April 8, 2024  and October 12 to October 26, 2024
Ride with us one  week or more on beautiful Majorca (aka as Mallorca)



Dear Hajo and Wendy,

Al and I just got back from Southern Span, and we wanted to thank you both for the great time we had in Majorca.  That is probably the best place we have ever been for riding, as it has both flat stretches and long climbs, which is great.  We loved the rides, and the trip itself was so well planned and all the logistics worked out perfectly.  We really appreciate the effort you both put into it.
We spent the last week in Southern Spain; that was great too, but not as warm and no flat riding at all.
Anyway, Majorca was perfect, and Hajo, let us know if you ever want to ride in California.
Al is working on the pictures he took now, and will send them around soon.
​Laura and Al, Los Angeles


Great to hear from you.  We often reflect on the great time we had with you and the group in Mallorca.  Laura is riding incredibly well and we attribute much of it to the great start to the year in Mallorca.  You are more than welcome to use any of the photos that you like.  As a matter of fact, I love to see them get used... so the more the better.  
I still have one video to complete from Sa Calobra.  I'll get it finished and send to that link as well.  
Let us know when you are in SoCal.... It would be great to go for a ride.
Al, Los Angeles


Hey Friends,
I am at the UCI World Cycling Championships in Trento, Italy.  Tomorrow will be racing the 50-54 women's category which is 60k with 3,600+ ft climbing.  I had not been on my bike for over a year when I went to the MajorcaCycling Camp in late March.  Hajo's camp kicked off my cycling fitness and whipped me into shape very fast.  Ever since, I have been placing in hill climbs and placing midfield in USAC races.  And per the Putnam qualifier race, I am here in Italy.  Thank you Hajo and MajorcaCycling!
​Lisa L., Northborough, MA