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March 21 to April 8, 2024  and October 12 to October 26, 2024
Ride with us one  week or more on beautiful Majorca (aka as Mallorca)


The services of the group leader
•  If you don’t join MajorcaCycling group, I will help you to find the right group for you based on your indicated ability and I will introduce you to your group leader; if in doubt, join a slower group rather than a faster group
•   Before each departure, he/she gives information about the route profile and stop points of the tour.
•   After the tour he/she introduces/presents the next one.
•   Introduction to the Spanish traffic regulations such as mandatory helmet , left turn etc. as well as "behavior when riding in groups".
•    The group leader controls the group in a way that even the weakest participants can follow. Technical defects are being resolved within the group. The group leader usually rides in the front setting a steady pace, unless he opens up the ride, eg. going up climbs
•    At each tour at around noon he/she organizes an up to one-hour break. This gives you the opportunity - in addition to country and people – to also know gastronomy and culture.

Safety when riding in group  
We ride – whenever possible - on small roads with little traffic. A consistent lead and a disciplined riding help to prevent accidents and ensure satisfied guests.

Group size
Minimum 4 participants
Maximum 16 participants

Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

Group categories / ability levels 

Beginner groups:
Easy tours with an emphasis on enjoyment. Tours from 20 – 50 km per day: average speed is not important. Discover the beauty of nature by bicycle and do your health a good turn along the way.
Easygoing groups:
40 – 70 km per day. Speed: 16 – 19 km/h. Wouldn't you like to get active and enjoy a cycling tour instead of just sitting by the pool all day?
Fun groups:
50 – 90 km per day. Speed: 19 – 21 km/h. Suitable for people who simply want to get some exercise in the saddle during a week of active holidays.
Hobby groups:
80 – 120 km per day. Speed: 21 – 23 km/h. For people who cycle regularly for exercise.
Hobby groups long:
90 – 150 km per day. Speed: 21 – 23 km/h.
Touring groups (usual level of MajorcaCycling group):
​55 to 90/100 miles (90 – 150 km) per day. Speed: 23 – 26 km/h. You have already trained for about 300 to 600 miles (500 – 1000 km) and still want to achieve something this season...

Typical weekly group ride program for Speed and Touring groups:
Sunday: flat route towards Santanyi ca. 50 miles
​Monday: Randa route: 72 miles, or Sant Salvador route: 69 miles
Tuesday: Orient tour: 70 miles, or Coast route, ca 80 miles
​Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: major climbing day - many options to choose from
Friday: towards center of island and east

All routes follow mostly secondary country roads with little automotive traffic, though you will see hundreds of cyclists.  The above routes and distances are just for orientation; of course, you always have the option to add some miles, or make the ride shorter, or eliminate the climb (eg. San Salvador, Bonany and Randa are out and back climbs on the same road).
Tours with group leaders from either MajorcaCycling or Huerzeler - The Cycling Experience;
Riding in our groups is included in our price and offers many advantages.

If you want to ride in a group led by a team member of Huerzeler - The Cycling Experience (eg tour long), we will provide you with a group ride coupon which entitles you to join a group.  
If you ride with MajorcaCycling group leader (category touring, ca. 23 – 25 km/h / 14 - 16 mph; I am getting older and a little bit slower) no coupon is needed.  The objective is to have well-balanced groups. In the interest of balanced groups, a leader may assign under- or over-challenged cyclists to another group.  In the past years, most of our guests joined the group led by Hajo from MajorcaCycling. Guided tours take place on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Usual start time is 9.30 am, with a lunch break after about 2.5 – 3 hours, and shorter stops before (eg for regrouping after a climb/descent)