Be a Pro for a Week or more

Our hotel has a specifically equipped bicycle tent where you store your bicycle when not in use (bicycles are not allowed to take into the hotel room). You own a reserved hook (numbered) where your bicycle can securely be locked with a lock and a chain. Numbered locks can be obtained from the rental station for a deposit of € 10.-. The bike tent is locked up overnight and monitored by video 24 hours. It is a safe place for more than 500 bicycles.

Nothing feels better after a long day in the saddle, than a good massage. Massage services are available for EUR20 per half hour. Please show up freshly showered and with a towel. No-shows will be charged 50%. Massage salon is located next to the Assos shop across the street from the Hotel Playa de Muro.

Each day, prior to your ride in the morning, you have access to energy drink, fruit, cheese role, figs. 

Saturday, October 12 to Saturday,  October 26, 2019
Saturday,  March 23 to Saturday, April 13, 2019
Ride with us one  week or more on beautiful Majorca (aka as Mallorca)




In cooperation with Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays , we provide you with a cycling camp infrastructure which you can’t find anywhere else:
BICYCLE STORAGE              

Our cycling station employs certified mechanics. We sell spare parts such as tires, chains, brake pads, brake cables, spokes etc. Small repairs on your bicycle are free of charge while larger jobs cost € 20.- per hour. If your bicycle is damaged beyond repair, bicycle rentals are available to you.

Floor pumps are available at the bicycle storage.

In the area of the bicycle storage there is sufficient space to wash your bicycle.